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Based upon our experience investing and partnering with startups in North America, the UK and the EU, we understand the complexities early-stage startup founders face growing a business and raising capital.

We are a US-based company, however, we also have registered entities in the UK and the EU.

We can assist you with direct investments from our private fund, in the form of cash and development funding.

Also, if your company registered in the EU, we can help you connect with our partners and accelerators to raise startup capital.

Investment Criteria

  • Non-technical founder
  • Owns at least 75% equity
  • Have not yet raised a series A or completed a preferred round
  • Founders based in EU
  • Company entity registered in EU
  • SaaS business model
  • Valuation < $3,000,000
Read more about our investment strategy here.
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About Us

Statistically, less than 7% of all startups reach €1 million in annual revenue.

We've helped many global companies surpass this statistic, with one company acquired by a public entity for over $150,000,000.

Partner with experienced technical entrepreneurs and investors with a decade-long track record of helping founders create and scale startups into profitable, successful companies.

Established in the US in 2012, we have over 100 employees, most located in our Lviv, Ukraine office.

If preferred, all agreements can be entered into with our EU entity, governed by EU laws.

Funding Mechanisms

Our US business entity conducts investments in three forms:


(as a technical cofounder/partner)

Convertible Notes

(or KISS Notes, SAFE Notes)

Revenue Share

(% of Gross Revenue)

Many startups we work with seek non-dilutive financing (for example different EU grants) as their initial funding source, in addition to funding from friends, family, and seed investors.

Consider applying for our general startup development fund in which we invest up to $250,000 in cash and product development services in exchange for equity.

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