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Kind of like
Insurance for
Your Investment

Reduce Risk. Improve investment outcomes.

Leverage us as your technical operators and co-investor to improve the success of your tech portfolio investments.

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We Give Early-Stage Startups a Fighting Chance!

Partner with us to protect and grow your investments by getting your early-stage startup investment launched and to the market quickly with a focus on product-market-fit. We also share risk as co-investors.

Investors trust us to help protect and grow their technology portfolios. We take this responsibility very seriously.

From funding to software development

For over 10 years, Varyence has been helping SaaS founders and entrepreneurs launch new products into markets - realizing millions in profits in ARR (annual recurring revenue) and related services revenue streams.

From funding to strategy development to software development to marketing, we help provide early-stage startups with the tools and resources needed to get their products launched successfully.

Not only operators but also investors

We often put our own capital at risk to ensure the success of startups we engage with. To date we have invested over €1,200,000 of our own funds alongside millions of euro of capital with other investors.

After helping startups launch the right product to the right customers, we build, run and manage global engineering teams in our Eastern European offices in order to prioritize and execute on growth.

Varyence combines technical know-how with deep experience in operations, finance and investor relations.

With over 100 employees and offices in Ukraine, Croatia, and the United States, Varyence utilizes a proven approach combined with global delivery.

Which model works best?

Tech Partner Operator

We help on strategy, design, development, and launching of SaaS platforms (and other technical ideas) to get them into the market quickly and generating revenue.

Keeping in mind your investment objectives, we work with your startup investment to help define the product roadmap and go-to-market strategy. 

After helping launch the right product for the startup to the right customers, we build, run and manage global engineering teams to prioritize and execute on growth for your startup investment. 

Investor / Operator

We not only act as a technical operator to launch the product onto the market – we also invest in the startup alongside your investment, up to €250,000

We share the risk to make the investments successful. If you don’t succeed, then neither to do we.


They cover all of the most important things I’m looking for in a provider.
Executive, Cyber Security Company
Their professionalism, communication, and reliability are the most impressive.
Director & CEO, EdTech Company