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For transparency, below is our high-level investment strategy.

This approach describes our key considerations when reviewing investment opportunities.


Femtech Funding

We invest cash funding, product development resources, and technical leadership into early-stage SaaS startups.

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We have documented our high-level investment strategy in order to provide transparency into our investment review process.

Our typical investment is between €50,000 to €250,000, into companies with less than €1,000 monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Investment Scenarios


Design Fund

Advisory Fund

CTO Fund

Development Fund

of 1 thru 5

Things we invest into...
  • Coins, tokens, SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Token)

  • Business models based on crypto mining, issuing tokens, NFTs, e-sports, marijuana, gambling, gray legal areas, illegal products or services, or gaming

  • Startup has no full-time founders

  • Startup is not building any proprietary tech

  • Tech is not a critical component to the success of the startup

  • Team not physically located and registered in one of these areas: North America, UK, Israel, or certain Western European countries

  • Non-SaaS models

  • Founders running multiple companies and not fully focused on startup 

  • Funding round size greater than €250,000

  • Minimum check size greater than €50,000

  • Valuation/cap greater than €3,000,000

  • Previously raised more than €750,000 of outside investment

  • MRR > €15,000

  • Broken cap tables

  • Cap tables with much dead equity

  • Founder/CEO has no past business or startup experience

  • Only B2C focus. Our preference is generally B2B.

Key investment evaluation criteria

  • Leadership Capabilities
  • Business Model
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Traction
  • Valuation
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Acquisition Costs
  • Monetization Strategy
  • Past Successes
  • Sales/Marketing/Customer Acquisition capabilities
  • Revenue Retention
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Intellectual Property
  • Market Potential
  • Team
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How we invest

Below are methods we use to invest, in order of preference.

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(as a cofounder/partner)
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(or Convertible Note or ASA)
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Revenue Share

(% of Gross Revenue)



Please self-qualify before applying, using this information about our investment strategy.

Online Application

Apply online Application

Initial Response

We usually respond within 5 business days. If you have questions, you can reach out to

Follow-Up Communication

We usually follow up within 1-2 weeks of the call, with a proposal or to inform we won’t be able to proceed.

Term Sheet &
Due Diligence

At this point we would provide a Term Sheet, contingent upon review/request of due diligence documents, such as latest cap table, income statement, balance sheet, etc.

Investment Decision & Conclusion

We usually make an investment decision and conclude diligence within 30 business days of our initial discussion.

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